Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray and Sand Play


Sand tray therapy is a creative and expressive therapy for adults and children.

The client gets to build a scene and use that scene as a platform or stepping stone for therapy in sand tray therapy. In sand play therapy the client uses the sand tray and miniatures as a ‘stage’ to act out the narrative or drama in their lives either on a conscious or unconscious level.

Sand play therapy was developed by Dora Kalff in the 1950s from a predominately Jungian perspective.

I enjoy using the sandtray in my practice as I find there is something rather magical about sand. It’s as if the feeling of the sand unlocks something unconscious, something concealed in the clients, something they themselves didn’t realise. Both children and adults delight in the creative projective quality of sandtray work and sand play.

I was trained in Sand Tray Work – Finger Prints in The Sand (Advanced Workshop in Projective Techniques) by Lore Hartzenberg (in South Africa) in the early 2000’s and have used in my practice since then.